Mission and Vision

“BE the Church”

When Jesus talked about the Church, he always spoke of it as a living entity.  A living, breathing being… like you and me.  That is because Jesus didn’t talk about the Church as a place to go, but rather a thing to be.

Our desire at The Bridge is to be the Church.  Our desire is to connect with people and to connect with God in a way that is very real instead of very religious.  Our desire is to share with each other and with the community of Redmond everything that God has given us regardless of church background or lack thereof.  Our desire is to serve one another and our community the same way that Jesus did.

We want to make a genuine difference in the lives of people, by pointing them to Jesus Christ.  There is no other answer for life’s issues.  We believe if people turn to Christ for their life’s problems, they will experience God’s direction in their marriage, family, job place, school, and every other area of their lives. So we believe this mission not only affects this life, but it has eternal consequences.

This mission drives everything we do here.  In fact, we want it to be a driving passion for everyone who calls The Bridge Church home.  We really want you to memorize this, so let’s begin now because it’s really difficult.  Repeat the Mission Statement with me.  “BE the Church”  Got it? Great!  Now don’t forget it.  These are some verses that remind us of our mission.  (Matthew 28:18-20; Ephesians 4:12-13)

Our Vision is equally important: “Becoming a congregation of fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.”

The key phrase is “fully devoted.”  What an exciting goal!  We are literally assembling an army that God can use in the lives of people.  Half-hearted commitments are not good enough for God.  So, they shouldn’t be good enough for His church.  Every minister at The Bridge Church should be fully devoted to God, their church family, and their ministry.