Nursery –  Ages 4 and under

Kids2Our Nursery Care Room has a live audio feed and comfortable chairs for our parents’ enjoyment of the service, while they take care of their babies needs.  It is a safe, fun environment, where babies and toddlers can crawl around and play.  It is located on the east side of our lobby and has tinted privacy glass that looks out into our worship service.

We recommend parents bring a diaper bag and bottle, both labeled with your child’s name. Please feel welcome to bring any comfort items your child might have such as a blanket or favorite toy. You will also want to bring a change of clothes for your child just in case it is needed.

The Nursery is available during every adult worship service.

Kids’ Corner

Kids4We know that sitting still during a whole service is a stretch for some and quite impossible for others… but who says you have to sit still?!  We believe in worshiping and learning together as families so we created The Kids’ Corner.  The Bridge Church Kids’ Corner is a table set up in the back of the sanctuary where younger children can sit and color or engage in other activities while still participating in the worship service with their families.  And adults… if you have a hard time sitting still during the service, feel free to grab a coloring sheet or two!

The Kids’ Corner is available during every worship service.

We value the safety of our children. Therefore, all volunteers are required to complete a background check before serving in the Nursery.  For more information on how you can be involved, call us at 541-460-3024.